The Track

Obstacle 1: Sand Trap

As the bike sinks into the sand it becomes difficult to steer. Vision also becomes difficult with sand flying everywhere. Completely different every single lap, meaning a challenge every time for the riders.

Obstacle 2: The Rock Corner

The riders must navigate riding over a moving undulated surface while trying to turn the bike at the same time. The rocks are unstable and tend to roll around.

Obstacle 3: Dirt Jump

Probably the easiest part of the track for the riders but a great chance to throw a whip. 

Obstacle 4: Pipe Jump Corner

Three jumps in a row while completing a turn to get to the next obstacle. Riders must compose themselves for the next obstacle while turning the corner.

Obstacle 5: Concrete Barrier

The highway barrier is a vertical piece of concrete that the riders ride straight into then up and over and takes excessive amounts of body movement and body control to execute. The most technical obstacle on the track.

Obstacle 6: Pipe Splatter

A jump that riders will change elevation to smoothly transition to the next obstacle.

Obstacle 7: Wagon Wheel

Two angled corner pipes. This is difficult because if the riders hit either pipe sideways it could cause a crash.

Obstacle 8: Rock Garden

A straight line of rocks that riders will gain speed through. Some riders may try to jump the entire obstacle to gain time and speed.

Obstacle 9: Step On/Off

A technical sequence of jumps with pipes as the take off ramp. This jumps is found in the well known Supercross races.


Obstacle 10: Pipe to Pipe Double

This obstacle is where the riders will be airborne for the longest period of time. Great photo opportunity here.

Obstacle 11: Matrix

A sequence of pipes laid out in way that the motorcycle will not fit between. This will cause the rider to either jump or wheelie through.

Obstacle 12: Dirt Mound

This is the most natural obstacle on the course and probably the only chance the riders will get to breathe for 5 seconds.